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Oyama Traditional School
"Where Awesome Meets Traditional"

Oyama Elementary Class Photo Circa 1925 via BC archives


At Oyama Traditional School, the concept of Traditional means high expectations in student achievement, behaviour, and social responsibility. At OTS we are committed to a student-centred approach which meets the unique needs of all learners. The teachers use best teaching practices to create an optimal learning environment and empower students to make good choices. Parents are partners in their child’s education. A strong sense of unity between parents and teachers creates an optimum learning environment.

VALUES (Citizenship, Responsibility, Respect)

We believe …
• students maximize their individual achievement when high standards and high expectations are reinforced both at school and at home.
• optimal learning will occur in a structured environment where skills and concepts are presented in a sequential manner at the student’s ability level.
• the support, positive contributions and active participation of parents plays a vital role in helping students improve their learning and the feeling of belonging to the school community.
• behaviour expectations, clearly defined and communicated in the school code of conduct, creates an environment in which students act in a respectful and responsible manner.
• our teachers’ongoing commitment to professional development, utilizing current research on learning and skill development will improve student achievement in all areas of the curriculum.
• to foster respect and a positive self-esteem, students must be given opportunities in all subject areas to be successful and discover their strengths.