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Together We Learn - June 2016.pdf
Redesigning Opportunity for French Immersion Learning in Central Okanagan Public Schools.pdf
Together We Learn - Fall 2016.pdf
Springvalley Middle Bundled Option.pdf
Dr Knox Middle Bundled Option.pdf
Potential Impact of Options on French Immersion Enrolment.pdf
Together We Learn - January 2017.pdf
Together We Learn.pdf
Oyama Traditional School 2017-2018 Handbook.pdf
0-6 Mental Health Notes to share with Parents.pdf
6-9 Mental Health Notes to share with Parents.pdf
10-14 Mental Health Support Notes to share with Parents.pdf
15-18 Mental Notes to share with Parents.pdf
Registration Ad 2017-2018.pdf
September 2017 Calendar.pdf
September 2017 Newsletter.pdf
OTS PAC Meeting Sept 12, 2017.pdf
Letter to Parents re FSA - September 2017.pdf
Ministry Parent Brochure.pdf
2017-10-30 Agenda.pdf
2017-10-30 Presidents Report.pdf
OTS PAC minutes Oct 30, 2017.pdf
2017-11-30 PAC Agenda.pdf
OTS PAC minutes Nov 27, 2017.pdf
FrenchImmersion_Kindergarten_OpenHouses 2018-2019.pdf
OTS PAC minutes Nov 27 2017.pdf
2018-01-29 agenda PAC.pdf
February 2018 Calendar.pdf
OTS PAC minutes Jan28 2018.docx.pdf
March 2018 Calendar.pdf
March 2018Newsletter.pdf
Hot Lunch March-April 2017-2018.pdf
2018-02-26 Presidents Report.pdf